Tom Brady’s Son Ben Was Lit At The Patriots Super Bowl Parade

Tom Brady’s Son Ben Was Lit At The Patriots Super Bowl Parade
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Say what you will about Tom Brady, there’s no denying that his life is just about as perfect as it gets. Five Super Bowl rings, fame, wealth and a beautiful, devoted family; it’s enough to make anyone feel like the luckiest person on earth.

And the joy that comes with a life that blessed was apparent on Tuesday morning, as the infamous Boston duck boats made their way through the city streets lined with adoring fans to celebrate the Patriots Super Bowl LI win. Brady was fist pumping. He was yelling obscenities. He was smiling that handsome but utterly goofy grin.

Still, he wasn’t even the star of his own parade.

Brady’s youngest son had prime seating on the bow of the boat, and he was clearly feeling the energy of the crowd because he was dabbing in a way that can really only be described as aggressive:

It’s sleeting and cold and wet, but you’d never know that by watching this kid just get after it. I have never seen anyone do that little hand-spin move that he does right before the signature dab, but I’ll admit, it adds flair.

It’s also really cute to see Brady interact with his kids and his family the way he has over the past couple of days, because we rarely see that side of him. Plus I’m pretty sure he wipes snot off Ben’s nose in that video, and if that’s not the most relatable move in the world then I don’t know what is.

Tanya Ray Fox

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