Why Tom Coughlin’s Face Will Fall Off This Weekend

  • Dan Fogarty

Because Giants head coach Tom Coughlin descends from Irish bog people, he does not do well in the wintery elements. And by “not well,” we mean he turns into a scowling red Tetris piece by the middle of the first quarter. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and ahead of this weekend’s Giants game in Green Bay (the winteriest of winter elements), we fully expect Father Thomas Coughlin, Irate Dublin Priest, to make his triumphant return to the sidelines.

This is what he looked like in 2007, the last time the Giants played a playoff game at Lambeau:

Wait, no. Wrong photo. This is what Coughlin looked like:

Coughlin’s crimson visage both perplexed and intrigued the viewers at home — there’s a Wiki Answers thread called “Why was Tom Coughlin’s skin red today?” (The answer: “it is possible to have an allergic reaction to cold temperatures”). But because he is a man, dammit, the Giants head coach refuses to wear protection: asked if he’d don a mask of some sort, the uncharacteristically loose Coughlin joked, “I’m not wearing [one]. I scare people enough with this face.”

From the presser:

[Bob Glauber]