Tom Crabtree Has A Question For Martha Stewart, And It Involves A Raccoon And A Boomerang

  • Rick Chandler

That Tom Crabtree has one of the more entertaining Twitter sites around is no secret: the former Packers tight end (now with the Buccaneers) is kind of a wingnut, in a good way. Random sample: @TCrabtree83 6 May
Wearing Google Glass looks like a cool way of telling people you aren’t cool.

But today we found this, and it truly left us baffled. We actually wrote about this earlier in the Rob Delaney post, but in case you missed it, enjoy:

Perhaps Stewart replied during her segment on Sirius radio today, or perhaps not. She hasn’t replied via Twitter, however. Can she help? I have no doubt that Martha has removed many raccoons from many trees in her time. And that’s not a euphemism, in case you were wondering.

Later, this happened:

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