Tony Dungy Alleges Houston Texans Were NFL’s Worst Injury-Fakers

  • Timothy Burke

Former Colts & Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy told Dan Patrick Thursday that Indianapolis was victimized often by the Houston Texans’ use of fake injuries to slow down his offenses, calling them the league’s “worst offenders.”

Faking injuries in football have become a hot topic this week. During his team’s Monday night win over the Rams, the Giants’ Deon Grant apparently flopped during a lengthy Rams drive. The injury timeout allowed his defense time to regroup, and the Rams were held to a field goal.

“Our players knew the [Texans’] defensive signals,” explained Dungy, who also said he sent tape of the fake injuries to the NFL, highlighting players falling down without having even made contact on the play.

Video from The Audience Network/Fox Sports Florida.

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