Tony Romo’s Bad Night, In Nine Very Sad Photos

  • Glenn Davis

Last night was a rough one for the Cowboys all around, but especially for Tony Romo. Romo completed 31 of 43 passes, sure, but five of those 12 incompletions resulted in Bears interceptions – and two of them were immediately taken back for touchdowns. While not all the picks were Romo’s fault, it still wasn’t his finest hour – and the quarterback wore a look that said he knew it. See what we mean (all photos via Getty):


Indeed, Romo’s body language was so downtrodden you’d think we’d be talking about the other quarterback from last night’s game. But on the contrary, things were going so well for Cutler last night that he actually smiled occasionally. Sadly, there does not seem to be photographic evidence of this, else we might be presenting that to you, too. For now: Smokin’ Tony Romo, anyone?