Tony Romo Was Not Inspired By Jerry Jones’ Encouragement

  • Glenn Davis

The Cowboys lost to the Lions 34-30 today, which would be disappointing for Dallas to begin with…but considering they led 27-3 at one point, it’s an especially crushing loss. It’ll be especially tough to swallow for Tony Romo, who threw three interceptions – two of which were returned for the touchdowns that got the Lions back into the game in the third quarter. And in fact, Romo looked like he was already having a tough time dealing with it before the game even ended. See this video, from Mike Tunison:

No, Romo looked something less than enthused with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones‘ attempt to inspire him (we think) before the Cowboys’ ill-fated final drive.Not that we entirely blame Romo – Jones seems like he’s always down on the sidelines in key moments, as if to say, “I’m Jerry Jones! I rule this land! I can do what I want! You should not forget I am here! Me! Me! Me!” And until he can use his vast fortune to fund advanced cloning technology and replace the entire Cowboys’ coaching staff with himself, it’s going to keep seeming weird and intrusive to us when he does that. So no, we wouldn’t have been too thrilled to see Jones ourselves…but hey, it’s one more piece of Cowboys schadenfreude, so we’re not complaining.