Tony Romo Will Cut Back On Golf In An Effort To Improve At The Sport He Is Slightly Better Known For

  • Eric Goldschein

Much to the chagrin of Tony Romo’s golf fanbase, the sometime-Cowboys quarterback is reportedly “cutting back” on his golf tournament appearances to focus on his other hobby: Being the very, very highly paid leader of “America’s Team.”

Romo is said to be a good amateur golfer; the jury is still out on whether he’s a good professional quarterback.

From ESPN Dallas:

Tony Romo has passed on playing the Azalea Invitational in Charleston, S.C., one of the better amateur tournaments anywhere, the local Adams Golf Pro/Scratch, which he has won in the past, and will not attempt to qualify for the HP Byron Nelson Championship or the U.S. Open.

What spurred this change in Romo’s offseason habits? Is it the six year, $108 million extension he just signed? The edict from owner Jerry Jones that Romo would put in “Peyton-type” work this summer (because the Mannings never clown around, or make Papa John’s commercials)? Did he realize that people would probably draw a connection between the Cowboys missing another postseason and his affinity for relaxing on the golf course in his free time? We may never know.


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