Tony Scheffler Pretends He’s In A Flash Mob, Immediately Enters Conversation Of “Best White Guy Celebrators”

  • Glenn Davis

This was one of the more involved touchdown dances we’ve seen in a while. Lions tight end Tony Scheffler, upon helping the Lions draw even with the Panthers on the way to a 49-35 win today, did a pretty inspired imitation of (part of) this AT&T flash mob commercial. And then, the stadium fell silent, all Scheffler’s teammates gave him dirty looks, and Scheffler took out his phone (resulting in a fine from the NFL) and realized he wasn’t supposed to do that dance until the fourth quarter.

Okay, fine, that last part didn’t happen. And perhaps the ultimate cynic/conspiracy theorist would just watch this and lament how corporate the NFL is. But we appreciate the effort Scheffler put in here – as the announcing team said, that one had to take some rehearsing. Well, today was Scheffler’s third straight game with a touchdown catch, so he’s giving himself ample opportunity to work on those moves.

Video by @cjzero.