Top 5 Dead Or Alive: Sports Video Games

  • Evan Sporer

Welcome to our second installment of Top 5 Dead Or Alive. In case you missed our piece last Friday on SportsCenter anchors, we want you to know that this feature is designed specifically to make life hell for our employees. Each week, we’ll ask one of our writers to come up with a definitive list of the five best people, places or things in a particularly subjective category — then, we’ll ask you to tell him who or what is missing from the list. Feel free to be a total dick.

Today, we’ve asked clear-hearted intern Evan Sporer to name the five best sports video games of all time. Evan is like 10 years old, so we were afraid he’d miss some of the oldies. Surprisingly, retro games are represented well in this list. Anyway, tell him what he missed in the comments, email him, or tweet at him.

Last week, when Matt was working on the SportsCenter piece, I joked with him about how it was going to be tough to cut it down to five and about how his life sucked and whatnot. Then, as soon as I suggested we do this feature on sports video games, I realized I had written myself a death sentence. Because there are seriously a ton of amazing sports video games.

The next hour or so consisted of the rest of the SportsGrid staff throwing out names in an email thread, me wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into, and a list of at least 20 worthy games staring me in the face.

Before I get into it, I want to talk a little bit about how I came up with this list. It was difficult. Like, very difficult. For starters, what do you do with a major series (like Madden or FIFA) that has contributed numerous legendary games over the last decade-plus? If one was to make the list, would it get its own slide, or would a specific year be selected? I decided that if one of those games was to make the list, I would have to pick a specific year — choosing an entire franchise seemed kind of like a copout. Also, this list is kept to five and not 50 for a reason: it’s supposed to be hard to choose.

So, here goes everything: Your Top 5, dead or alive, sports video games. (And yes, I know video games can’t die. But it’s the name of the feature. GO WITH IT.)