Top 5: A-Rod Just Played His Final Game In Pinstripes, So We Look Back At The Most Infamous Moments Of His Troubled Yankee Years

  • Jake O'Donnell

[Via The Daily News:] After taking himself out of the Yankees game Wednesday night, he is not in the lineup for Thursday night’s game against the Rays. The source was told that Rodriguez, suffering from injuries, would not make the trip to Houston and would instead stay at home, presumably to huddle with his lawyers.

The fact that he’s #13 and has had such a cursed tenure with the New York Yankees is great way to teach your kids what “irony” is. At every turn after his record-setting $300M deal, Alex Rodriguez faced nothing but intense scrutiny from every angle imaginable, and in turn, responded awkwardly, deceptively, stupidly, selfishly, and without concern or respect for the sport of baseball, Yankee fans, his opponents, his teammates, his family, and his own body. I suppose it’s no secret that A-Rod’s story with the Bombers won’t inspire anybody anytime soon. But we’ll try and tell it with a few select clips, as a cautionary tale, of how to lose friends, embarrass yourself, and alienate everyone else.


Pisses off A’s Pitcher Dallas Braden by walking over his mound:


The Ball Swat:


“I got it!”:


Cameron Diaz Popcorn Incident:


Admits to Peter Gammons he took steroids:

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