Ravens’ Torrey Smith Gives Us The Best Earthquake Freakout Of The Day

  • Glenn Davis

There are many different ways of reacting to an unsettling, but ultimately minor, earthquake like the one that struck the eastern U.S. today. One might hurriedly run out of the building one’s in. One might think nothing of it at first, then begin wondering why one’s apartment is shaking more than it routinely does when a large truck drives by.

If you’re the Ravens’ Torrey Smith, however, you’re not in a building to begin with. Luckily, you are getting filmed, taping a run-of-the-mill spot about you have Maryland pride (you should – not only do you play in the state now, you went to college there, too). Then…an earthquake hits. And you disappear from the frame like you were yanked off the stage with a cane at a Vaudeville show. And you become our favorite person.

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