The Ravens’ Torrey Smith Could Only Be Stopped By His Own Hair Yesterday

  • Glenn Davis

The Ravens beat the Bengals 31-24 yesterday, and the play of rookie receiver Torrey Smith was a huge reason why. Smith was electric, catching six passes for 165 yards and a touchdown…and he nearly had even more than that. Smith caught a pass late in the second quarter, and for a second looked like he might be about to break through for a huge gain. And then…

…His hair happened. Or, more specifically, a Bengals defender grabbing him and bringing him to the ground by his hair happened. We’d wonder if Smith would have to think about getting a close-cropped cut now, but the tackle didn’t affect him the rest of the game – he caught a 38-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. We’re sure it hurt, though – SI’s Jimmy Traina even said he “can’t imagine how painful” it must have been. But some people know your pain, Torrey. Some people know your pain. Additionally, here’s the tackle in gif form, via our own CJ Fogler: