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Trade For These 7 Fantasy Football Players After Week 5!

  • David Gonos


Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at some of Fantasy Football players with good or bad Fantasy Strength of Schedules for the 2017 NFL season. In other words, we found a handful of players at each position that have a lighter load than everyone else. Then we also looked at those players that have a much tougher road to haul in 2017, explaining that they might be bust candidates this season.

This week, however, we’re going to break the Fantasy Strength of Schedules down into five-week increments. By doing this, we can find one or two players at each position that have very difficult NFL schedules for the first five weeks of the season, but with much easier Fantasy Strength of Schedules from Weeks 6-15.

By doing that research, we can expect to see these players struggle to start the season, but then see the load lighten up in the second-third and final stretch of the season.

These are guys you can trade for after Week 5, when their original owners have grown disgruntled!


Next week, we’ll look at a handful of players you’ll want to draft that have great Fantasy Strength of Schedules, only to see those schedules become very difficult from Weeks 6-15. Those will be players you draft – and then trade after Week 5 when their value is at its peak!

You Should Trade For These 7 Players After Week 5!

We took Fantasy Strength of Schedules from, and the Average Draft Position numbers we cite are from Of course, these are two of my favorite tools from my list of Top 50 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools for 2017.

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