Trey Wingo Sums Up The New York Jets With A Fart Noise (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

Yes, Trey Wingo is an ESPN professional anchor. Yes, he made a fart noise and a thumbs down sign in reference to the New York Jets. During today’s episode of NFL Live, Wingo asked Teddy Bruschi and Mark Schlereth whether it was more likely for Andrew Luck to continue his excellence or the Jets to continue their current streak of terrible. Except Wingo spiced up his description of Gang Green with a bit of pizazz.

“What’s more likely to go all year: Andrew Luck continues to be successful and great, or the Jets continue to *fart noise*?”

*Fart noise*, clearly.

For purposes of clarity, we’ve decided to edit the video so you get a better idea of how *fart noise* the Jets have been this season. Very *fart noise*, is the answer.