Troy Aikman Does Not Know How Twitter Works, Hits On Hot Actress, Uses Emoticons

  • Rick Chandler

I don’t get the folks today who are mocking Troy Aikman for attempting to send a tweet to an attractive female actress. That’s about the only thing in this story that he did right. He’s single, after all. What he did wrong:

Attempts to send her a direct message, instead sends tweet to all of his nearly 1 million Twitter followers.

Apparently splits his time between Los Angeles and Dallas.

Misspells the woman’s name.

Is a grown man who uses emoticons.

For Pete’s sake, it’s spelled Morrow. The tweet’s deleted now, but there’s the evidence above.

Ms. Morrow, 39, has appeared in several films and TV shows, the most relevant here being Mail Booty (2003) and Restraining Order (2013). She responds:

My favorite reaction:

Morrow made her TV debut on Baywatch in 1992, and had recurring roles in One Life to Live and Family Matters. Film roles: Dead Man on Campus, Uninvited Guest, Children of the Corn III, Book of Love, Restraining Order, Def Jam’s How to Be a Player, Traci Townsend, National Security, and Today You Die.

Roll the Mari Morrow photo gallery!