Watch Troy Polamalu Terrify Museum Visitors Who Think He’s A Wax Sculpture

  • Glenn Davis

For a day at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hollywood, star Steelers safety Troy Polamalu pretty much made the Night at the Museum movies into real life. Rather than have his wax figurine displayed for onlookers, Polamalu did one better: he pretended to be a wax figurine himself…then practically give visitors heart attacks when he moves just as they pose for a figure with “wax” Troy. We have to say, for someone so active on the football field, he imitates an inanimate object quite well.

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A few moments we especially enjoyed: the young girl being the least scared of anyone (“That was cool!”), the guy who even after discovering the “wax figurine” was a real person didn’t think it was actually Polamalu, and the girl who (ineffectually) pushes back, albeit good-naturedly, after being scared out of her wits. We don’t blame anyone who freaked…we probably would have, if we were them. The only way Polamalu could have made it scarier would have been demanding to know if visitors were making fun of him.