Is The Tuck Rule As We Know It About To Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil?

  • Glenn Davis and Dylan Murphy

The web roundup for Thursday, March 14. Facebook/Twitter/tips. Here goes.

1. Is the tuck rule in danger?

Maybe this is what Jon Gruden is waiting to return to coaching for. [SB Nation]

2. That’s… honest?

You’ll never guess what happens if you try to access that Twitter account. [Eye on Hockey]

3. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod

Not that I was planning on becoming an acrobat anyway, but… holy crap. [Deadspin]

4. Derrick Rose: forever a good guy.

Chicago: hopefully not forever a depressing city. [WLS Chicago]

5. Not sports related, still important.

there might be a shortage of kangaroo scrotums in Australia; Google is getting rid of Google Reader; the secret of porn star makeup; the best naked subway rant of all naked subway rants.

Food porn of the day.

“Bacon Guinness Chocolate Pancakes w/ a Frothy Whipped Cream Head & Guinness Chocolate Syrup.”

It’s really all about the Guinness in the background.

And finally, tonight…

FOX affiliate uses b-roll footage of boobs on International Women’s Day.

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