Tuesday Time Machine: Bears And 49ers Play The Windiest/Weirdest Game In NFL History

  • Jake O'Donnell

November 13th, 2005 — Watching old ESPN clips is about as mind blowing as sports nostalgia gets. The Bears ended up winning 17-9, despite three muffed punt returns.

Funny observations about this game: Kickers duck hooking, the Bears starting running back was named “Adrian Peterson,” Cedric Benson was once called “young,” so was Frank Gore, the 49ers still had their 90’s era 3-D lettering, an 108-yard field goal was returned for a TD, and someone once muffed three punt returns in a single day.

Names in this game you may have forgotten: Kyle Orton QB, Brad Maynard P, Mushin Mohammed WR, Kevan Barlow RB

For total nostalgic effect, checkout the entire box score here.