“F– Him In The F—ing Face”: America Blames Bill Belichick For Rob Gronkowski’s Broken Forearm

  • Dylan Murphy

The circumstances surrounding Rob Gronkowski’s broken forearm are particlarly Bill Belichick-ian. Leading 58-24 with 3:55 left in the fourth quarter, the Pats were kicking an extra point and Rob Gronkowski was still on the field. Belichick has a well-documented history with running up the score, so nobody was shocked to see that the starters were still playing.

Except Gronkowski apparently broke his forearm on the play and is now out 4-6 weeks. But we’re not here to second guess coach decision-making in hindsight. No, we’re here to trace the emotional response of America. Journalists that we are here at SportsGrid, we decided to investigate how angry America is at Gronkowski’s injury. Sensing that Bill Belichick might be the target of said wrath, we typed “fuck Belichick” into the search bar of Twitter and were welcomed with the warmth and kind hearts of Pats fans and fantasy owners alike.

We then went with a simpler “belichick gronk” search and found more tame, yet still incensed, responses.

Basically what were saying is that nobody’s all that happy with Bill Belichick right now.