Moron On Twitter Threatened To Kill Brandon Jacobs, Then Had To Beg Him For Forgiveness

  • Eric Goldschein

brandon jacobs

People have been overreacting about fantasy football since fantasy football became a thing. And people have been writing shitty things to athletes on Twitter since people realized Twitter wasn’t just the status bar on Facebook and was useful for writing shitty things to people directly. When these two worlds collide, the results are often discouraging for those who want to maintain faith in the goodness of humanity.

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs — who was a trendy fantasy add last week before news came down of his hamstring injury — shared a tweet he received from a “fan” today, a “fan” who really wanted Jacobs to perform well, at all costs:

Ah yes, nothing like receiving death threats over the internet and not knowing exactly how insane somebody is. Thankfully, this guy was full of shit. Although @DMMeBoo has since been deleted, snagged some of his follow-up tweets after the internet turned on him:

Nice backtracking. Also, the Pacers aren’t going 98-0, bruh.

Jacobs took the high road in this instance by simply sharing @DMMeBoo’s tweet and letting the guy’s own words sink him (he wasn’t so kind here, but who can blame him?). Just last week, Jacobs summed up his view of Twitter: “Someone created that platform for people to, I guess, get their rocks off without getting punched in the mouth.” #Truth.

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