Urban Meyer On Tim Tebow’s NFL Career: ‘He Says There’s Stuff Going On’

  • Eric Goldschein

tim tebowThe Tim Tebow NFL dream isn’t dead, you guys. That’s the great thing about dreams: all you need to do is go back to bed to keep living them. By the same token, this is the biggest issue with reality — you can’t do whatever you want in it, i.e. fly around the world like Superman or throw touchdown passes like Aaron Rodgers. (War, famine, parking also made the list of “problems with reality.”)

Current Ohio State coach and former Florida/Tim Tebow coach Urban Meyer gave an interview to CBS touching on subjects from Braxton Miller to recruiting violations. One of those topics, of course, was Tebow, who is now an ESPN analyst and not an NFL player:

On Tim Tebow working for one last NFL shot: “You’d imagine how he works. Works every day. He’s hoping. There are some conversations about it. I don’t know too much. There’s hope and he says there’s stuff going on.”

What could “stuff going on” possibly mean? The guy that Tebow “backed up” in New York, Mark Sanchez, is now himself a backup (possibly with the Eagles). Tebow hasn’t thrown a pass in an actual game in over a year. Many teams have already secured their depth chart by trading for or signing such illustrious names as Blaine Gabbert and Matt Schaub. Suffice to say, if Tebow was going to get a shot this offseason, it would have happened already.

Tim Tebow seems, by most accounts, to be a great guy. So believe me when I say that, if he was a good quarterback, I’d love to have him on my team. But he’s not. So stop waiting and wishing and, dare we say, praying for the opposite.

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