Veltung, Baby: Rookie Seahawks’ Receiver Records 56-Inch Standing Box Jump

  • Rick Chandler

(Kangaroo on outskirts of Melbourne raises head, twitches ears).

So the Seahawks have a receiver from the University of Idaho, Justin Veltung, who hardly anyone has heard of but can jump like a wallaby. Pete Carroll is busy scribbling corner end zone fade plays after viewing this video, in which the undrafted rookie on Thursday did a 56-inch standing box jump. No, he didn’t get a running start — zero to 56 inches from a standing start.

To give you an idea of how amazing that is, the Guinness Book people list 58.27 inches as the world record in the standing box jump, accomplished by Jonas Huusom of Denmark in 2011. Veltung is damn close to that, and he’s probably not done growing his leaping muscles yet.

Veltung only has 62 receptions for eight touchdowns in his career, but with Seattle’s talented group of receivers, he should learn fast.

But if football doesn’t work out for him, there’s always super villainy.