Venn Diagram Breakdown: Fantasy Football Drafts In A Nutshell

  • Jake O'Donnell

It goes without saying that draft day is the most important event of the fantasy football season. It’s when you convert research, deductive reasoning, and intuition into a 16-man roster that you’ll incessantly check/scrutinize for the next four months. It is a singular make or break moment — and your happiness is riding on it. So it stands to reason that, because your decisions on this hallowed day are of such disproportionate value relative to the decisions you make for the rest of the year — the draft format would be of the utmost importance.

We’ve broken down the three possible draft options in a simple Venn diagram: Snake draft, Auction draft, and Not drafting at all and instead, living a normal life like human beings have for hundreds of thousands of years. Choose your destiny…

snake vs auction