Vernon Davis Cried In Jim Harbaugh’s Arms After He Scored The Winning Touchdown Today

  • Dan Fogarty

It’s been a long, strange journey for Vernon Davis and the 49ers. And the next stop is the NFC championship.

After Davis scored the winning touchdown in Candlestick today, all of the emotions of his six up-and-down seasons in San Francisco came pouring out. He returned to the sidelines after his game-winner, was embraced by coach Jim Harbaugh, and was a blubbering, glorious mess.

Most types of crying — the kinds of crying that are the result of self-pity or weakness or fear — is not allowed in sports. But there’s that rare league of crying — the joyful kind of crying — that’s not only allowed, but makes for some great moments. And that’s the type of cry that Vernon Davis — a guy who was once considered an injury-plagued bust, and was benched and sent to the locker room during a game in 2008 — just had.

Video here, via FOX. The cry sesh occurs at the 2:04 mark.

Video via CJ Fogler.