Victor Cruz Visits The Daily Show, Does Not Salsa

  • Glenn Davis

Giants receiver Victor Cruz has a book coming out, and last night, he sat down with Daily Show host/noted Giants fan Jon Stewart to promote that book. Obviously it went a little differently than Stewart’s chats with the likes of, say, Jim Cramer – here, Stewart was clearly content to just be a fan.

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And yes, salsa dancing came up, but no, Cruz didn’t do one – and in fact it was one time he didn’t salsa that really made Stewart an admirer:

While it was interesting in its own right to get to see the everyday-sports-fan side to Stewart (that does occasionally come out on the program), we wish he’d asked Cruz about his backstory a bit more. It really is amazing that a guy who almost washed out at UMass is tearing up the NFL just a few years later, and we’d have liked to hear Cruz go into detail on some of those lower points, and how they helped lead to the heights of today. For that, we guess, we’ll have to wait for the book.