Victor Cruz Does The Salsa At The Grammys, And The Ladies Lose Their Freaking Minds

  • Dan Fogarty

Giants receivers Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham just handed out a Grammy for best Rock performance. And while presenting, Cruz did his patented salsa dance. We’ve pulled video, as well as some reactions from the ladies.

And the ladies, well. The ladies loved them some Victor Cruz. First, here’s the video, in which LL Cool J introduced Manningham (who made perhaps the most pivotal play in the Super Bowl) and Cruz (who was wearing white shoes at the Grammys). We’re sure Cruz is tired of doing this Mamba at this point, but after he sees the reaction it got online, he might be re-energized.

A sampling of some of the reaction on Twitter, which ran the gamut from “grrrrrrrl” to “GRRRRRLLLLLLLL.”

Cruz, ftw.