VIDEO:’s Super Bowl Ad Banned By FOX

  • Dan Fogarty

FOX has banned a proposed Super Bowl ad for, the “World’s Premier Discreet Dating Service.”

The ad features adult film star Savanna Sampson, who walks into a corporate boardroom and announces that her executive husband has been cheating on her. Cue a montage of everybody hooking up with everybody (yes, there’s even dude-on-mascot smooching). The ad ends with her in a bra, and the tag line “Isn’t it time for”

In a press release, the website said “Standards & Practices has deemed the Ashley Madison spot is not acceptable to air on FOX.”

The rejection seems to be more about the theme of the website (it’s basically a dating service for married people who want to cheat on their spouses) then any amount of skin shown. As SB Nation Indiana points out, Danica Patrick’s Go Daddy commercials show about the same amount of cleavage that we get from this ad.

Video of the banned commercial here:

I’d be curious to see some sort of cost-benefit analysis of Super Bowl commercials that make it to air, and banned ads that go viral on YouTube (this is a question for Darren Rovell). The going rate for a 30 second spot during last year’s Super Bowl was between $2.5 and $2.8 million. Now, AshleyMadison has only the production costs to worry about.