VIDEO: Jon Stewart Tells New England Patriots To “Suck It”

  • Brad Cohen

Outside of New England, everybody loves to hate the Patriots. People keep finding so many nitpicky reasons to choose from: they don’t approve of coaches who are devoid of any human emotion; don’t like quarterbacks who are too pretty, too talented and always say the right thing; they hate New England’s perpetual run of success.

Which is why so many people were happy to see the Patriots go down at the hands of the brash-talking New York Jets on Sunday, including, apparently, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart.

Here’s what Stewart had to say to the Pats during last night’s show:

“I do wanna say, and obviously in our new American spirit of civility—its been about a week now—I do wanna say in that new spirit, to the New England Patriots: Suck it. And by it, and by it, I mean something that brings you comfort… like (bleep).”

Hmm…maybe Stewart is just trying to pull a Tom Jackson and motivate the Patriots with his harsh words. Probably not though, considering they’re already out of contention.

Watch the video below:

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