VIDEO: This Kid Getting An OBJ Jersey For Christmas Will Make Your Day

VIDEO: This Kid Getting An OBJ Jersey For Christmas Will Make Your Day
  • Tanya Ray Fox

The best thing about the post-Christmas internet is that it is chock full of stories and videos of little kids get totally jazzed about their Christmas presents.

As adults, the present-giving and receiving situation is often more of an obligation – or an exercise in excessive spending – than it is about bringing joy to each other. That’s why kids are important, because they are the ones who remind us that there is actually some magic left in this world.

Yeah. I realize that’s cheesy but seriously, watch this video of a little boy opening his new Odell Beckham Jr. jersey and tell me it’s not true.

I love how that Colin Kaepernick jersey he was wearing just got left in the dust. Sorry, Kaep!

Not but for real, this kid’s reaction is super heartwarming; as is the caption on this post from Odell Beckham Jr. himself in which he invited the kid to send him the jersey to be signed. After a long rough year, moments like these are necessary reminders of basic human kindness and the simple pleasures in life.

I’m also a huge fan of the little sibling in the background that very excitedly yells “it’s a shirt!” in the background. That kid rocks too.

Tanya Ray Fox

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