Video: Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Tells Ravens Receiver Derrick Mason To “Shut The F*ck Up”

  • Dan Fogarty

Last night, the NFL Network debuted its Bill Belichick documentary, A Football Life. This was exciting, because in addition to being known as one of the greatest football minds ever, Belichick is also known for being intensely private. For such a decorated head coach, we knew remarkably little about him.

That changed last night. A Football Life was full of some very intimate moments: Belichick watching film with Tom Brady, Belichick holding his childhood teddy bear, Belichick getting emotional when he visited the locker room of his former team, the New York Giants. It was all great, and a little jarring, because we went from knowing next to nothing about the guy to seeing him crying in a hallway.

What is widely regarded as the documentary’s most surprising moment, though, has less to do with Belichick the man, and more to do with Belichick the competitor. During a 2009 game with the Baltimore Ravens, then-Ravens wideout Derrick Mason made a first down catch and proceeded to trash-talk Belichick on the sidelines. It was nothing malicious, and was done about as respectfully as trash talk can be done.

You would expect the robotic Belichick to respond robotically, which, in the world of professional shit-talking, is an automatic loss. Instead, he comes back fiery, and more than holds his own.

“Shut the fuck up” he responded. “Can you look at the scoreboard?”

Billy bleepin’ Belichick. Who knew?