The First Video Of Peyton Manning Throwing A Football Since His Multiple Neck Surgeries Emerges

  • Dan Fogarty

On Friday, Peyton Manning had his most intense throwing session since having multiple neck surgeries. The following YouTube clip has been “independently verified as authentic” by ESPN, and you can see Manning throwing in his full pads and Indianapolis Colts helmet. It’s tough to tell, based on this iPhone footage, just how much Manning has progressed since his last surgery, which was on September 8th. But the sight of him practicing play action in a helmet — a Colts helmet, mind you — is an important one.

And that might be why this video is being released. Peyton Manning isn’t in some dark basement, in a neck brace; he’s on a football field, making throws. His camp wants to make sure that everyone (the fans, Colts owner Jim Irsay, GMs around the NFL) see it.

Video here.

[h/t BSO]