Video Shows Researchers Dissecting The Brain Of A Former NFL Player Who Suffered Trauma-Induced Disease

  • Ben Axelrod

You may recall that back in February, former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson took his own life, but not before sending a text message to his family asking that his brain be donated to research. He was quite certain that the depression and loss of cognitive ability he was suffering was due to injuries he sustained over his football career, but he wanted scientists to confirm this after he was gone.

Duerson’s brain was sent to The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as the NFL’s “brain bank,” which had previously diagnosed that Duerson’s brain had indeed suffered from the same trauma-induced disease (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) found in more than 20 deceased NFL players.

The Guardian has now posted a video of researchers dissecting Duerson’s brain, which can be seen below. Caution: some of the video is graphic.

Duerson’s story and what was found in his brain is quite disturbing, what it is encouraging is the growing awareness surrounding head injuries in football, as seen not only by Duerson’s donation, but the fact that current NFL players Matt Birk, Sean Morey, and Lofa Tatupa have all vowed to do the same.

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