TV Analyst Says Vikings Will Beat Saints By Hitting Them “Like Katrina” (Video) – UPDATE

  • Glenn Davis

It’s been five years since Hurricane Katrina. That’s inspiring some to take a look back at the disaster, examine New Orleans’ progress, ponder once again what might have made the original event less of a nightmare, and take time to remember all that was lost.

Others, meanwhile, use it to make ill-conceived football analogies.

UPDATE: Hampton has issued an apology for his comments (H/T: Richard Deitsch). Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio shared a few issues with Hampton’s apology in the linked article – issues we echo, especially the fact that Hampton’s statement said it “never occurred to [him]” that people would find the remark so insensitive. Really?

The rest of the original post is below.

The scene, alerted to us by eagle-eyed tipster D.J.: Chicago-based NFL show ProFootballWeekly. The task: predicting the outcome of the New Orleans Saints‘ game vs. the Minnesota Vikings, the marquee matchup of the NFL’s first week.

According to the video’s uploader, Bears Hall of Famer Dan Hampton, working as a studio analyst, made the remark in question. He thinks the Vikings will win. He has a regrettable reason why.

We’ve already said too much, so watch video of Hampton’s still-too-soon comment below (he starts talking at :20). And if you think that’s the only potentially-offensive comparison he’s made, think again. Guess no one ever tamed the Danimal.