Vikings Unveil Designs For New Stadium: Giant Bottle Opener? Fortress Of Solitude? We Think It Looks Kind Of Cool

  • Rick Chandler

OK Minnesotans, here’s what that $500 million in public money approved by the state legislature is buying you. The Vikings unwrapped designs for their new stadium on Monday, and let’s face it: some of you are going to hate it, some are going to love it, and some are going to want to grab C3PO, take the land speeder over there and see if any droids are for sale.

Yes, I’ve finally decided what it looks like: that jawa transport from Star Wars:

Cost? Around the total gross receipts of Revenge of the Sith: $975 million. There’s no retractable roof, as is so popular with young stadiums these days. But since a roof would be closed most of the time anyway, why jack up the price? Instead, it’s very glassy, and has giant (95 feet tall) retractable doors, giving it kind of an outdoorsy-feel.

The stadium will seat 65,000, and will also be used by the University of Minnesota (see baseball configuration among the photos below).

Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

Some have seen the prow of a ship in the high roof at one end, said Michele Kelm-Helgen, chairwoman of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which is overseeing construction. Others say the shiny blocks look like ice floes.

Kelm-Helgen called the design a “really interesting, beautiful piece of architecture” that will be “iconic” and a great addition to the neighborhood.

“I’m sold,” former Viking coach Bud Grant said at the end of a program that featured several speakers and a presentation from Bryan Trubey, design principal at HKS, the stadium architect.

More photos below: