Here Is Jonathan Vilma’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Roger Goodell

  • Dan Fogarty

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is suing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation. The complaint was filed in federal court in Louisiana, and alleges that Goodell “made public statements concerning Vilma which were false, defamatory and injurious… to Vilma’s professional and personal reputation.”

Vilma was suspended for the upcoming season by Goodell, as a result of his role in the New Orleans Bountygate scandal. We are on record as saying that suspension is bullshit, but whether the public comments Goodell made regarding the suspension are enough to prove that Vilma was defamed remains to be seen. Essentially, it becomes a question as to whether or not filing this complaint is itself the “fuck you” to Goodell, or if Vilma (and his lawyers) thinks there is a case in here. We’ll obviously be following this one closely.

The entire complaint, via The Times-Picayune, can be seen here.