A Clever Fake Facebook Account For Broncos Linebacker Von Miller Has A Message For Joe Flacco (UPDATE)

  • Joe Levine

This is probably my favorite piece of e-trash talk ever.

UPDATE: Well, it’s official: the Facebook account in question is not officially associated with Von Miller, per Broncos PR man Patrick Smyth. Apologies for jumping the gun. Miller, it seems, will instead have to let his play do the talking against Baltimore, and leave the smack to the fake Millers of the world.

The original post is below.

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Indianapolis Colts today 24-9 to earn the right to play the Denver Broncos in the next round of the playoffs. And if there was any doubt as to whether or not the Broncos are ready for them, linebacker Von Miller put them to bed with this Facebook status update Sunday afternoon.

So good. I can’t wait to see how else Flacco gets tagged next weekend by Miller.

H/T @sharapovasthigh

*Worth mentioning: one person tweeted at us saying that this Facebook account isn’t officially affiliated with Miller, and while it has several thousand likes, Miller’s verified Twitter page links to a different Facebook account. Whoever’s in charge of the (maybe) Von Miller account in question, though: good line.