Von Miller Tebowed After A Sack Last Night, Proving Once Again Tebowing Will Never Die

  • Glenn Davis

Who could blame Von Miller for being excited? It was a great night for him (four tackles – all for a loss – including two sacks), for his Broncos in general (a 31-19 opening night win over the Steelers)… oh, and also the Broncos have a new quarterback who was pretty good too. He’s from Louisiana or something.

Anyway, Miller helped the Broncos wrap up the game by wrapping up Ben Roethlisberger twice on the Steelers’ last drive, and when he got those sacks, he did what players do when they sack the quarterback: he celebrated. And these weren’t just any celebrations. First, he evoked the legendary celebratory stylings of Billy “White Shoes” Johnson. And for the second one, well:

Is this full-circle for Tebowing? Tebow’s own former teammates doing it? Is it an Ouroboros moment in which the meme eats itself alive and ultimately swallows itself, forming a Tebow black hole into which anyone who henceforth attempts a Tebow will be sucked in, never to return? Maybe it’s just Miller paying a quick tribute to a guy who, despite his glaring lack of traditional quarterbacking skills, did take the Broncos on a hell of a ride last year? Or hey, maybe he just wanted to make my job easier:

Well, Von, if it’s that one, rest assured: the feeling is mutual.

Video by CJ Fogler.