Wade Phillips Is The Best Old Dude In The Twitter Game

  • Eric Goldschein

wade phillipsOld people usually aren’t good at the Internet in general, much less Twitter. But Wade Phillips, who just finished out the 2013-14 NFL season as the Texans’ interim head coach and is 66 years old, is really, really good at Twitter.

Today’s example: Watch as Phillips blams his blammers and humblebrags and — for those who are less slang-savvy — passively-aggressively calls out Jason Garrett for being a shittier head coach of the Dallas Cowboys than he was.

Good put-down; good use of hashtags; good job tagging the Cowboys so they can’t miss it.

But just in case you think all Phillips does on Twitter is be salty about not having a job at the moment, here’s a smattering of his other tweets that warm our collective heart:

He also live tweets games the way a head football coach might:

But, yeah, he does like to give his former employers shit on occasion. Here’s what he sent out after being let go by the Texans after this season:

Wade Phillips: Best old dude in the Twitter game right now. And that handle? Beautiful.

Photo via Getty