WANTED: Patriots Fan To Get Aaron Hernandez Tattoo From Up-And-Coming Craigslist Tattooist (Not Real)

  • Ricky Boebel

hernandez crazyFan reaction to the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation has been justifiably negative. Today, a patriots fan came to the defense of Hernandez in the form of a craigslist post. The author is a tattoo artist looking for a volunteer willing to get a picture of Aaron Hernandez tattooed on their body.

Let’s break the post down into four equally crazy sections:

Comic villain drawer looking to hone my tattoo skills. I have a degree from UEVD, top of my class.

If you specialize in drawing comic villains, drawing an alleged murderer is a great place to start honing your tattoo skills.

Feeling bad for Aaron Hernandez. Let’s show him love and support Patriots Nation. Free tattoo of Hernandez mural on arm, chest or leg. You pick the picture of Hernandez and I tattoo it for free. That’s my tight end man.

It’s a good thing the tattoo is free, because so many people want an Aaron Hernandez tattoo, but few have the funds to finance it.

And if you’re really feeling my man, I will tattoo a replica Hernandez jersey onto your back. Patriot’s organization cannot have a trade in on a jersey tattoo.

You might as well go for the jersey tattoo, you’re definitely “feeling my man.” Also, why not get the game-worn jersey tattooed on your back instead of the replica jersey.

Please email me a picture or paragraph on why you deserve a free Aaron Hernandez tattoo.

It looks like our craigslister is expecting a lot of responses to his proposition. Reinforcing the fact that this man is certifiably insane. The sad thing is, there is someone out there just as crazy, who wants a free Aaron Hernandez tattoo. Good thing the internet is here to bring the two together.

All we can do is wait for the pictures to appear online, so we can ask questions like: Why would someone do this? When the answer is and will always be: because they’re good ol’ fashioned crazy.

(UPDATE: The craigslist tattooist was a fake. Sometimes the internet is too good to be true kids.)

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