Warren Moon: Don’t You Just Hate It When You Get Scammed Out Of $200K For Fake Heat Tickets?

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’ve ever known a scam artist (I have), you know that they’re masters of their crafts (unless you met them in prison). Knowledgable, helpful, and congenial as hell — the good ones hide their manipulative sides like the cash they effectively scam out of rich people who don’t scrutinize their spending habits enough. But the greatest scam of all is selling something you don’t have to someone who thinks you DO have it.

[Yahoo!] Moon was offered four floor seats to Miami Heat home games and a five percent minority ownership stake in the NBA champions by a man named George French Jones. All the longtime NFL quarterback had to do was wire $200,000 to a bank in Pasadena, which he did.

The problem was, Jones didn’t have those seats to give Moon and he sure didn’t have a minority stake in the team to sell Moon either. Moon was scammed.

Now, you might be thinking “Who the hell just forks over $200 grand to some guy who says he can give you ownership in an NBA franchise?”, and you’re right — Moon was an idiot here. A very quick background check could have prevented all this, but you might be surprised how hard it is to actually find out who owns every share of the Miami Heat organization. Therein lies the genius of this scheme: Offer someone something so big that they can’t easily check to see if you’re authorized to do so.

Regardless, Moon should know better, seeing as he played in professional football for 22 years and currently works as a Seahawks radio broadcaster, there has got to be one person he’s connected to who is involved with the Miami Heat. Now the FBI is trying to track down this “George French Jones” guy — if that’s even his real name — because SURPRISE: He’s vanished with Moon’s money.

Sucks. Also, Warren, if you’re reading this, Stubhub.