Warren Sapp Is Prepared For Jeremy Shockey To Sue Him

  • Glenn Davis

When Warren Sapp came out and said Jeremy Shockey was the one who blew the whistle on the Saints’ bounty system, both Shockey himself and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he was wrong. So that didn’t go so well – oh, and also Sapp filed for bankruptcy earlier this month and is probably done as an NFL Network analyst. So a lot of things aren’t going Sapp’s way – and he’s prepared in case another thing goes wrong, too.

Specifically, he’s ready for Shockey to sue him, says TMZ. (The site said Sapp added Shockey to a list of potential creditors, as part of his bankruptcy filing.) Presumably, this is what Sapp thinks might happen if he doesn’t come out and apologize for the whole “labeling Shockey a snitch” thing – and if the time Shockey posted a text message exchange with Sean Payton to his Twitter account, in which Payton said he was sure Shockey hadn’t provided the bounty leak, taught us anything, it’s that Shockey is desperate to set the record straight.

Even so, though, it’s no guarantee he’ll actually go through with a lawsuit. On March 31, TMZ said Shockey hadn’t ruled out legal action against Sapp and the NFL (since Sapp discussed his Shockey accusation on the NFL Network) and said a decision on that front might happen “as early as this week.” Again, that was March 31. Obviously, that possible deadline came and went, and it’s very possible this entire affair will pass with no legal action on Shockey’s part. But it can’t hurt to prepare for the possibility, and no matter what happens or doesn’t happen – not the best of times for Warren Sapp.

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