Did An NFL Coach And His Wife Co-Star In A Foot Fetish Video? (Photo) – UPDATE

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday, we read one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen – a Deadspin piece showcasing several foot fetish videos featuring a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance (in more than just looks, it turned out) to the wife of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. What’s more – in one of videos, the person holding the camera has a speaking role – and that voice happens to sound like Rex Ryan’s.

UPDATE: It looks like Rex is toeing the party line on this one. He was asked about the story while on conference call today, and here’s how that went:

“I know you need to ask, it’s a personal matter,” Ryan told reporters when asked if the situation could snowball into a distraction.

He said it was between him and his wife and he would not elaborate beyond that.

In other words, this should remove any doubt (like there was much doubt before) that that is indeed his wife in those videos, and that’s indeed his voice in the video with a suspiciously Rex-Ryan-like voice off-camera. While we still wish he’d brashly embraced the story, we do understand the reasoning for going the opposite direction with it.

The rest of the original post is below.

Naturally, the story blew up in short order – the New York Daily News even put it on their cover today (they took their usual understated approach). The first thing to pop into our mind upon seeing that cover, though: “How didn’t we think of that wordplay already?! ‘Foot’ is right in the name of the sport!”

Anyway, the actual piece the Daily News ran on this bizarre development includes a quote from a Jets spokesperson that, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio points out, removes what little doubt there was as to whether the woman in the videos is Ryan’s wife:

“This is a personal matter and Rex will have no comment.”

Much, much different from saying that the woman in the videos isn’t Ryan’s wife. We understand why the Jets wouldn’t want to comment, but at the same time we can’t help but wish the Ryans had completely owned this story. As best we can tell, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here but the fact that everyone will be talking about it. Everyone knows Ryan’s a character – sure, this story is unexpected, but is it a complete shock?

Foot fetishes aren’t for everyone, but as everyone surely knows, there is much, much worse out there on this internet. We’d love if the Ryans came out and said something to that effect, because it’s the truth. Rex Ryan’s wife, it seems, made some foot fetish videos. If she enjoyed doing it (and it certainly seemed as though Rex was fine with it), more power to them.

Florio talked of the “horrendous absence of judgment, intelligence, and/or discretion…or, more likely, an overabundance of arrogance” that apparently led Ryan to believe no one would ever “put two and two together.” And while it does seem unrealistic to believe no one would ever unearth this and figure it out, we can’t say we agree with judging Ryan so harshly.

No, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to take on a speaking role in that video when you’re a prominent figure in the buttoned-down world of football – but hey, Ryan’s defiance of the buttoned-down football stereotype is why people love him in the first place. The story is amusing and wholly unexpected, but ultimately, it’s far from the worst thing in the world, and at least to us, not so big of a deal.