WATCH: 2011 Lingerie Bowl Commercial

  • Dan Fogarty

Hey, who wants to see scantily-clad ladies try to seriously injure each other?

Wait, what?

That’s the premise behind the “Lingerie Bowl,” a football game between two teams of women outfitted in shoulder pads and, you guessed it: lingerie. The Bowl, which is a pay-per-view event from the Lingerie Football League (yes, it’s a thing), has been played seven times before. It’s so official, in fact, that they use Roman numerals to denote how many of them have happened (just like the Super Bowl).

The fact that it’s a pay-per-view event adds to the Skinemax feel of this whole thing, and really, no one wants to see this on their cable bill a month from now. But then again, this year’s Super Bowl halftime show may very well go down as the worst in history, so… Lingerie Bowl!

[2011 Lingerie Bowl Commercial – Lingerie Football League (LFL)] Vimeo