Watch Andy Reid And Cullen Jenkins Get All Up In Each Other’s Grills

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

If you went up to Andy Reid and told him pre-season football wasn’t a big deal, he might unleash the same verbal smackdown to you that he did to Cullen Jenkins on the sideline of Monday night’s exhibition game against the Patriots. But would you rebut with the same kind of lip Cullen did? Maybe you would – I mean, pre-season football really isn’t a big deal. But Andy was none too happy with something his defensive tackle did on a 13-play, 80-yard Patriots touchdown drive on which Ryan Mallett connected with tight end Alex Silvestro (who didn’t even play offense in college, for what that’s worth) for the seven-yard score. You’d be pissed too.

Reid and Jenkins got so hot and bothered that they had to be broken up by defensive line coach Jim Washburn. And when I say hot and bothered, I don’t mean the good kind. At least not in this instance. Eagles fans need not worry (OK, maybe they do, but not about this), though: Jenkins and Reid were spotted shortly thereafter sharing a calm word or two.

In other words, football. It’s just football, everyone.

[Video via CJ Fogler]