Watch Chip Kelly’s Eagles Press Conference Live

  • Glenn Davis

As you know, yesterday Chip Kelly stunned pretty much everyone by leaving Oregon to become the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, just over a week after it looked like he’d remain with the Ducks. And today, the Eagles officially introduce Kelly at 1:30 p.m. What to do if you’re an Eagles fan who wants to hear what the new coach has to say… but you’re trapped at your desk, TV-less?

Why, you rely on the internet, of course. The internet never disappoints. Comcast SportsNet is already live streaming the proceedings, and will cover the presser when it begins. You can watch their stream below:

And if for whatever reason that doesn’t work, ABC’s Philadelphia affiliate is broadcasting the presser starting at 1:30 right here. Happy viewing, Eagles fans. You’ve got yourself an interesting coach, one certainly one of the best in the college game. Do you have yourself a good NFL coach? We’ve got no earthly idea, but at 1:30, we begin finding out.

Getty photo, by Doug Pensinger