Watch Mike Wallace’s Spectacular One-Handed Touchdown Grab

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The Chiefs found themselves in uncharted territory in the first half of their Monday Night Football game against the Steelers: in the lead. They were up 10-0, then 10-3, but since nothing lasts forever — especially the Kansas City Chiefs having a lead in a football game — Pittsburgh was bound to tie it up. Well, here’s your tie: this awesome one-handed, two-thigh catch, miraculously reeled in by Mike Wallace.

And yes, the touchdown did stand. But even if it hadn’t, this wouldn’t have been any less impressive. Considering Wallace used virtually every body part you’re not really supposed to use to catch a ball, while catching a ball he really had no business catching, this was pretty darn good. When’s the last time you saw a guy catch the ball with one hand, then trap it between his thighs to ensure total ball safety? Not bad.

[photo via Getty]