WATCH: No One Shows Up For Quarterback’s Press Conference

  • Dan Fogarty

Oh, Lord. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning showed up for a press conference after his team’s gutwrenching loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, and was greeted by an empty room.

Perhaps worse than the fact that no one was there was the way Eli reacted to it.

Instead of just throwing up his hands and walking out, or doing something memorable like holding a press conference with himself, Eli reacted the way we all knew he probably would in a situation like this: by looking around bashfully.

As ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer pointed out: you’re a Super Bowl winning quarterback. You don’t have to wait for anyone! Go up there and read a grocery list if you have to.

Finally, mercifully, a guy in a backpack (who may or may not be a sportswriter – that part is never made clear) walks into the room, and Eli steps up to the podium.

UPDATE: It turns out there was a legitimate reason for everyone ignoring Eli: they weren’t ignoring him. From Star-Ledger beat writer Mike Garafolo’s Twitter account: “Re: Eli presser from Sun, the team announces when a player goes to the podium while we’re in locker rm. Player walks directly thrubut media has to go out + around. Hence the delay. It’s not that we were ignoring Eli but rather needed time to get there.”

Thanks to reader Tim Boddie for the tip, and our apologies to lonely Eli.