WATCH: South Park’s Brett Favre Advice

  • Dan Fogarty

Add one more to the ever-expanding Brett Favre dick joke bandwagon.

South Park offered some advice to Favre on last night’s episode, when a character named “Captain Hindsight” said that Favre “should have never sent out actual pictures of his schlong.” Agreed.

In actuality, the ribbing Favre received from the South Park writers is actually pretty mild – at least he didn’t get his very own episode. Tiger Woods got no such kid-glove treatment: an entire opening montage was dedicated to his ex-wife beating him with a golf club.

To date, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Bill Maher, and Saturday Night Live have all chimed in on Favre, with Letterman holding the distinction of “most dick jokes per episode,” and Maher holding the title for “most jokes regarding size in a two minute span.”