WATCH: Tashard Choice Gets Michael Vick’s Autograph After Game

  • Barry Rothbard

The Dallas Cowboys Tashard Choice approached Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick after tonight’s game to give him some props and, ’cause why not, get his autograph. Vick obliged, and Choice is now the proud owner of a glove with Vick’s signature on it. Sometimes second place isn’t that bad after all.

UPDATE: Twitter exploded over the autograph (he’s trending after a 33 yard game), and it was originally speculated that Choice has a charity called “Helping Hands” for which he sells game-worn signed gloves for–that clearly would be a noble cause. Choice has since tweeted that the glove was in fact for his three-year old nephew. Fair enough, although the prudent move would’ve been to do it behind closed doors.

Trent Dilfer declared on “SportsCenter” that this type of interaction occurring on the field is unheard of (particularly after a loss). Dilfer then stated that the only player he can ever remember being in awe of enough to consider asking for his autograph was the late Reggie White. The Vick legend grows.