Watch Titans Punt Returner Marc Mariani Break His Leg, But Proceed With Caution (GRAPHIC)

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Yes, this injury was so bad we had to censor the gruesome scene in the screen cap, just so those who are faint of heart don’t have to forcibly stomach what happened to Marc Mariani Thursday night. Sitting with Joe Theismann and Willis McGahee on a pedestal you’d never want to be on, the broken leg Mariani suffered in a pre-season game against the Cardinals is one of the more grotesque football injuries you’ll ever see — should you dare. You can press play below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

You can’t help but feel terrible for this guy. Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer speculated that he might never play football again, which, based on the evident protrusion of his bone poking through his sock, might be a reasonable, saddening prognostication.

We hope Marc makes a fast, effective recovery. Nobody’s leg should ever be in that position.

[Video via CJ Fogler]